To sign up on the web, the following are the steps which the users need to follow. Firstly the users need to open up the website in the web browser Then they can click on the join free button, the free time period will be of 30 days. Netflix gives the users a 30-day trial version. Afterward, click on the “see the plans” to view your options. Select the required streaming plan and hence click continue. A new account will be created. If you are looking for a cost-effective way in order to watch your favorite TV shows and movies, then this article is for you. We have described the two ways in order to get the free Netflix account.

1. Get a Free Netflix Trial Forever

Many websites have discovered many ways to find a way out to get a free Netflix account. There is one of the ways to get a free Netflix account as well. The users just have to wait for a few months between the 30 day trial periods. The users will eventually get an email which will ask you to use another 30-day trial.

It may take a month or more. You might get the invite email within a month to get the free Netflix subscription account.

Just call on the Support for Netflix number before your trial is ending and ask from us what you want, then we will offer you the excellent assistance. Not able to get the free Netflix subscription, get touch with Roku channel support which would suggest the solutions in a stepwise way.  In the end, cancel the free Netflix trail after you start because Netflix will give you right to use the service for full 30 days and cancel the trail off after it time run out. This is the greatest way to which you will not be stuck with the charge if your trial expires and forget to cancel it. This is the best way to ensure that the users do not get a charge, also if they forget to cancel.

Get a Free Netflix Trial Forever

2. Use the Right Credit Card

Another way is to enjoy the Netflix channels by using the Right credit card. If you want to learn how to use it correctly, then you have to pay off the bill every month. They will provide some rewards and free airlines miles. Roku Netflix will offer the credit card rewards so most of the people would get the advantage and enjoy the free Netflix subscription every month.

By signing up for free, American bank which would offer a free $25 rewards at the end of 1/4th of the year. If you use the same card in order to pay the Netflix bill and get the reward $25. Most of the people use the credit card which is a smart way to take the advantage. This is the best way to enjoy the Netflix for free. If you are struggling with the above steps while enjoying the Netflix through credit card, then you can contact Roku setup support to get instant assistance.

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