Roku is planning something bigger than its current status of streaming player and smart TV business. Variety informed that Roku was hiring for audio engineers and voice interface designers. And as a result, Roku has launched an acquisition of a whole-home audio startup. Roku has disclosed in a regulatory filing that they paid $3.5 million for Denmark-based Dynastrom, whose software adds Sonos-like multi-room audio to Wi-Fi-enabled speakers. Dynastrom’s CEO and CTO joined Roku in September, along with several other employees.

It is not exactly clear that what Roku is up to. But Roku said, “We are always looking to expand our engineering team, and the addition of Dynastrom allows us to scale the team further”. They will continue operations in Denmark as a subsidiary of Roku Inc. Also, they did not disclose any additional details regarding their transactions.

“Dynastrom provides a software solution for multi-room audio experiences by working flawlessly over standard Wi-Fi. Roku setup Support will provide the technical help support for this multi-room sound programming. Roku did not comment on any plans for audio products. However, the company’s CFO, Steve Louden, informed the investors during the company’s first-ever earnings call Wednesday that Roku was spending a lot of money on the next big thing. Roku stated, “We are investing significantly in a massive opportunity”. “We are planning to grow our designing group and the expansion of Dynastrom in order to scale the group further”. They will be proceeding with operations in Denmark as a backup of Roku Inc. Roku support service provides the technical support regarding the Roku player and also the support for all devices of the Roku. Roku support is the helpline number of the Roku player which provides the technical help to the customers.

Roku has confirmed the acquisition to Variety, though the purchase isn’t new. The company acquired Dynastrom back in September for a modest $3.5 million. Also, many shares were given to the company’s co-founders. Roku also said in their statement that they won’t be giving any further details about its acquisition. Dynastrom is famous for its multi-room audio technology.  Hence, the acquisition possibly hints at a Roku smart speaker that itself has multi-room support. The plans of Roku aren’t clear, though. Word surfaced that Roku was working on some big audio projects, and that report was given by audio engineers. It also indicated that Roku is putting work into developing some kind of voice control system. The combination of which hints at a smart speaker with voice interaction support, not unlike an Amazon Echo.

Roku also has a plan to improve the sound on the TVs that come with its Roku software built in. Roku Company is going to start selling speakers. The Silicon Valley-based maker of streaming boxes, sticks, and software has just introduced a two-speaker bundle, called the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. The bundle also includes a standard Roku remote, and a “tabletop remote”, so you can control the speaker audio from anywhere in your home.

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