In this modern technology, everything is accomplished by just in a minute. In the same manner, activate Roku could be accomplished. Roku has different types of products available on the Roku amd Stock and their activation process is similar to each other. It only differs with the hardware configuration and with the setup process. So here we guide to regarding the setup procedure of each Roku products.

How Roku will be Activated?

Before activating the Roku. I like to guide you through step by step configuration of the device.

1 ).  Unbox the Roku Express, Roku Ultra etc.,

2).  Roku Express consists of slim and small black box with power adapter and HDMI cable.

3). Connect one end of the cable on the HDMI port of the TV and the other to the Roku Express.

4). Put the power adapter in the power socket and turn it on.

5). This will take a minute to verify the credentials.

6). Turn on the TV and select the HDMI port where Roku is connected.

7). This will bring you the startup screen of Roku Express and select desired language.

8). Choose the wireless setup and select the preferred network.

9). Insert the password for the network and select connect.

Note: If the credentials are incorrect it will provide you the Roku error code according to the trouble in the connection as error code 001, 003, 009 and 014 etc. Don’t get angry this is common as we are not putting the wireless details correctly, so contact to the network administrator or Roku customer service phone number for further assistance.

• If all goes well it will start to update the software and restart the device.

• Now here comes the activation process which will be guided through 3 different steps.

1) Use computer or phone and open the Roku official website for Roku activation link code.

2) Enter the link code displayed on the TV screen.

3) Choose the channels and click on Next.

My Roku activation code is as simple as making a cup of coffee. Following these guided steps activation will be completed easily. But you should remember that to activate Roku a Roku account will be needed to do so. Every Roku user needs to create an account which could be used for multiple Roku devices. In other words, we can say that the Roku account is the passage through the Roku device will get access to streaming movies, shows, and other private channels. For Roku account Setup, follow the instruction below:

• Use phone or laptop / PC and open URL

• Choose create an account.

• Insert first and last name, email, and password along with a check on age verification.

• Continue towards creating the Roku pin to avoid unauthorized access.

• Complete the payment method through credit card information or though PayPal. These details will be used to purchase a movie or buy any paid channels except that there is no Roku activation fee.

• By completing the third and the final process, Roku account is active and in the working state to link any Roku products.

Note: Remember the credentials used to create the Roku account as it will be needed for the future use. Without any doubts, these credentials could be retrieved by contacting Roku through Roku customer live chat, Roku customer phone service, Roku customer email service available on the Roku official

Most Popular Channel on Roku

Roku provides us the variety of channels as free channels, paid channels and private hidden channels. So Roku has over 2000+ channel for the wide range to customers. But there are some channels that most people like to get. These channels are Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube PBS and some other cable channel apps. These channels can be activated on their official websites as roku, roku, pbskids org activate, roku, roku, bravotv com roku, terrarium tv on roku, nflsundayticket tv roku, foxsportsgo com activate roku, showtime Those channels will be added to the Roku Device by default but anyhow if you like to add them and how this work on Roku? This is quite a genuine query of every customer. So here we discuss these channels and provide the guided instructions to get them.


One of the most popular channel on Roku is Netflix. One of the reason to buy Roku is the Netflix. Every second person like to watch Netflix on the big screen as on computer or phone. Netflix has three different subscription plans which works accordingly on multiple device. For the new member of the Netflix, he / she will get a month trail.

How to Subscribe for Netflix

To get Netflix is an easy process. If you are not the member of Netflix, you can get it through Roku. Meanwhile people can create their account on Netflix by following these simple steps as mentioned below:

• Creation of Netflix account require a computer, laptop, phone or tablet through open the Netflix official website as

• Click on “Join Free For A Month”

• Choose your plans by clicking on “See the Plans”

Note: Three different Netflix stock price. How it will be differ and their Feature?

Basic Plan

  • Monthly cost $7.99 excluded taxes with a month trial.
  • One Screen at a time.
  • Unlimited Movies and TV shows.
  • Cancel anytime

Standard Plan

  • Monthly cost $10.99 excluded taxes with a month trial.
  •  HD picture resolution.
  • Two screen at a time.
  • Unlimited Movies and TV shows.
  • Cancel anytime

Premium Plan

  • Monthly cost $13.99 excluded taxes with a month trial.
  •  HD and Ultra HD picture quality.
  • Four screen streaming at a time.
  • Unlimited Movies and TV shows.
  • Cancel anytime

These plans are affective once you select one.

• Select the subscription plan and click continue.

• Proceed for create your account by click on continue.

• Insert email and password and hit continue again.

Note: Remember the credentials for the future use as these are required to login with other devices. These credentials could be retrieved through Netflix customer service or through Netflix official USA live chat.

• Choose the watching interest for suggestions.

• According to the plan you can activate the device with Netflix.

How to get Netflix on Roku and watch Movies, videos?

Netflix is the most popular channel on Roku which is added by default during the Roku activation. In case if anyone like to add it separately can do so through Roku account and Roku channel store!

Steps for Netflix Activation:

• Open Netflix using the remote button.

• Select sign in.

• Insert the email used for Netflix account creation.

• Insert password and choose continue.

• Select the profile and enjoy the streaming.


Hulu is an entertainment company from America which provides the top media streaming services in English and Japanese. It was first started about 10 years before on 29th October 2007. It is owned by the Hulu LLC, which is a joint venture of The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and AT&T. This venture was announced through a proposed acquisition on December 2017. Hulu provides the different services like streaming media, videos on demand, Television on demand, Digital distribution.

How to get Hulu

In order to get Hulu or Hulu Live on streaming device, all that you need is;

• A high speed Internet connection

• A supported device

• A Hulu Subscription

Subscription Plans

Hulu provides a variety of subscription plans, which are starting as low as $7.99 per month for complete access to the Hulu streaming library. These plans goes up to $39.99 for Hulu with Live TV. Many subscription options are provided to the new subscribers depending upon the plan whichever works best with them with a Free 1 Month trial.

How to Create a Hulu Account

1).Go to using your browser.

2).Click “Start Your Free Trial” and you would be directed to a new page.

3).Now you can choose the Subscription Plan which is best for you as per your needs.

4).Fill in the sign-up form. You will have to fill up all the blank fields on this page.

5).Now, click “Continue” at the bottom of sign-up page.

6).Choose the payment option and provide the payment details.

7).Enjoy your Hulu.

Adding Hulu on Roku

• Go to channel store on Roku.

• Put Hulu on search.

• Select the channel and add it on the display list.

Procedure for Hulu Activation

• Open the Hulu.

• Select login and which provide you two options.
1) Through Roku
2) Through Website.

• Through Roku insert the credentials used for Hulu account.

Note: insert the login information carefully as the characters are case sensitive. For guidance contact Hulu customer support number or Hulu customer service on the Hulu official website.

• Getting Hulu action through account require the activation link code.

• Use the enter link code.

• Open the website URL

• Insert the link code and device is ready to stream.

How to Activate Sling TV on Roku


Sling TV is one of the most popular packages available over Roku. Sling TV provides a wide variety of channels to choose from. In order to watch Sling over the Roku what we need to do is

• Add Sling TV to the Roku
• Create Sling TV account
• Select the package that you want in a sling TV

Add Sling TV to the Roku

In order to add the sling to the Roku what we need to do is

• Go to Roku Home Screen

• Find the search icon

• Under the search bar type Sling TV

• Hit OK

• Hit OK on Add channel option.

Now we need to create Sling TV Account

• Go to the website

• Click on REGISTER

• Put in your basic details

• Enter the Payment Details

• Verify the Email Address.

Now our sling account has been created, now we need to select the package for the Sling TV

Sling TV Orange $25

Sling TV orange consist of the following channels:

History Channel
Food Network
Tribeca Shortlist
Newsy Local Now
Comedy Central roku
ACC Network ExtraA&ETNT
BBC America
Epix Drive-in
Vice land
Bloomberg Television
Travel Channel
Cartoon Network

Sling TV Blue $25

Sling TV blue consist of the following Channels :

History Channel
Food Network
Tribeca Shortlist
BBC America
EPIX Drive-in
FOX Sports 2
Nat Geo Wild
Cartoon Network
Vice land
Bloomberg Television
Local Now
NFL Network
NBC Sports Network
Nick Jr.
Galavision roku
FOX Sports 1
EI Rey
National Geographic
Travel Channel

Sling TV Orange + Blue $40

Sling TV Orange + Blue is a combination of both Orange and Blue Channels

• In addition to these packages you also have the option that you can select extra packages such as sports extra and Spanish extra or Kids Extra.

All the plans have been discussed with the channels included in the plan. But for any addition query Sling TV customer service will be available and happy to assist. These services can be avail on the Sling TV official website.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a television service which is used for streaming content over various devices for the entertainment purpose which is now owned by AT&T which allows viewers from all over the USA to get programs and Local channels without paying a huge amount for the viewing experience.
Viewer can sign up for any particular plans which are available for the users depending upon different viewing capacity in which the number and category of the channels vary and could be selected by user by signing up for one week free trial and then pay for the subscription every month.

Different Packages available on DirecTV Now


1. Live A Little: This is the basic channels available for the user to select from. It includes 65+ channels and the cost of this will be $40/month.

2. Just Right: This channels have more channels than the other package and subscribers gets around 85+ channels for which he has to pay $55/month.

3. Go Big: This package include 105+ channels that viewer will get by paying $65/month.

4. Got to Have It: This is the premium package available for the user to get it for viewing experience. It includes 125+ channels and the monthly cost of this will be $75.

Note: For further information and understanding of these plan contact DirecTV Now customer service.

Roku Device recommended for DirecTV now


Various latest model could be used for the DirecTV now viewing experience.

• Roku Streaming stick

• Roku streaming stick+

• Roku 4

• Roku express

• Roku express +

• Roku premiere

• Roku Premiere

• 4k Roku TV

Compatible Devices for viewing


DirecTV now is available on all the latest and possible smart devices on which user could watch it at any time. It is available on the platforms mentioned below:

1. Roku Streaming Player

2. Apple TV

3. Chromecast

4. Amazon Fire TV

Requirements for DirecTV Now and Roku

To watch DirecTV now on Roku, before adding the channel on your home screen you will need:

• Roku streaming player.

• Roku remote or Roku remote application to navigate while setting up

• Roku account.

• DirecTV Now account.

• Wireless connection.

How to setup DirecTV now on Roku

To start the setup of the DirecTV Now for the activation, you need to have the Roku device connected with the wireless connection as well as linked with the desired Roku Account.

Once you got all the above mentioned things done Add DirecTV Now to your channels list.

• Press the Home button from your Roku remote.

• Go to the Streaming channels option and Look for DirecTV Now channels by scrolling from different available categories.

• Add the channels on the channels list clicking on add channel option

• Enter the Roku pin. If required.

How to log in to the DirecTV Now channel?

You need to have a DirecTV Now account in order to watch anything on that, SO firstly make sure that you have an account if not create an account first by going on to the website roku.

Select the desired package as per your requirement and complete the process by filling in the needful details.
You can open the DirecTV Now application and log in to the account that you have with DirecTV now by entering the login credentials for the same.


You can get the free access to your favorite PBS programs such as entertainment, news, sports and technology.

Thousands and thousands of hours of content could be added to your Roku from the PBS catalog. By selecting PBS station depending upon your location access could be gained to various local channels as well.


On PBS you can select your local station which will help us to find all the content and local channel unique to your area.

When you are activating your account you have to enter your zip code and select your city and state which would pull up various stations and you can select as per your locations. Open the url pbskids org activate to complete the activation process in seconds.

Support for PBS


Working with PBS is easy but still you could face some issues with PBS such as mentioned above.

In order to get the resolutions you can always reach us and our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will help you in a step by step guidance.

You can reach PBS customer support team through a chat support, phone support and email support or through a call as well.



PBS KIDS provides more than hundreds of videos of various PBS kids’ television series including curious George, cat in the hat and many more. We are everyday trying to make a positive impact on the lives of the children so that they could grow and be knowledgeable about different things all at the time they are playing or watching KIDS and learning videos.

The other unique feature is online gaming where kids can learn while they are playing.



This is a free platform for the students as well as the teachers where they can learn and provide the information through a unique experience of a digital platform where all the information will be shared through fun videos and online gaming experience.

Issues while PBS activation
1. Unable to activate PBS:
2. Selecting the Local stations:
3. Cannot log in:

1. Can’t activate PBS

While you are activating you need to make sure that you are following the instruction completely as a code will appear on the screen and we have to enter the code by using the URL and we can create the account by filling in the information and then selecting the local stations as per the location.

For further help you can call any of our technical representative by calling on PBS toll free number.

2. Selecting the Local stations

PBS also provides you all the access of the various local stations depending upon the physical locations that will provide you the access to watch different local stations. In order to search for that you just have to enter the zip code and state and it will find the available stations and you can select the desired one form the list.

3. Unable Log In

The basic reason behind unable to log in to the PBS account is to enter the wrong credentials i.e. wrong username and/or password. So without worrying about anything you can recheck the credentials and still if you are facing any issue you can reset the password or call the PBS technical support team.