Roku is an electronic video streaming device used for online broadcasting. Users can watch any kind of videos after completing the Roku setup. They can watch it on their own television by connecting the TV with the Roku device. Users can easily purchase the device and have to setup it. They just have to create a Roku account free. For this Roku technical support is also provided.

Roku is an entertainment device which offers the customers the advantage of streaming and viewing various movies, shows, events, etc. It is a flexible device and also the users of the Roku Streaming device find the player a big advantage in watching movies on internet channels like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Hulu Plus, and many other similar websites. Roku is an alternate substitute for live TV watching and it is also as easy as it allows the user to watch programs at ease.

Twitter has planned to increase live streaming video content on its network. The Twitter company is innovating its video app to a new platform with the launch of Roku devices. The TV app was first introduced on Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox on, etc. It will provide the same experience which combines live video along with long tweets. The Roku launch is a modified expansion for Twitter’s TV app. counting on Roku streaming players and TV set, it has 14 million active user accounts.

Roku says that the new app will provide the live streaming video which is live on Twitter. It includes programming and lives simulcasts in sports, entertainment, news etc. Roku users will be able to view tweets from Twitter’s network alongside the video they are viewing. Twitter and Roku together worked on the new app, which is similar to those on other platforms. For live streaming help, you can contact Roku setup support.

The new app doesn’t require a Twitter login. It allows users to watch live video streaming and read the Twitter timeline. The application is similar to Twitter’s apps on Apple television, fire TV, and Xbox One, which all launched over the past few months.

Twitter has announced new deals for video content which includes one with Bloomberg. It streams 24/7 news broadcast. This will include live news reporting and video which are posted on Twitter by users.

The deals get Twitter to its earlier goals of being able to offer users 24/7 live video content and help them. The Roku app will be available as a free download from the Roku Channel Store. It will not require users to have a Twitter account in order to use it. This app will work on all Roku devices, including TVs.

The Roku Twitter app will allow users to pick and choose which stream they want to watch, Roku says. Users can select any of the live events that are running, regardless if they’re streaming at the same time.

“The Twitter channel on the Roku platform brings together the video and related conversation that surrounds live events to the largest screen in the house,” said Ryan Troy. “Our new channel gives the audience an easy way to watch live events and see what people are talking about, keeping them connected to what’s happening.”

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